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Back on the blog August 25, 2007

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I wanted to post as often as I could during my Vietnamese trip. But there were so many things to taste, to discover, to see, to learn; too many peoples to meet, to share, to laugh and cry with. We never know enough about a country as well as we never know enough about a person, no matters how long is the acquaintance. And the more I learn about Vietnam, the more I realize there are still so many things I don’t know. However, it was a wonderful trip. Gerardo and his wife was delighted by the country.
So before to post,  I wanted to take some distance, reorganize the information, verify the accuracy…

Anyway, I am back again. And promised, new posts are coming.


Good Morning Vietnam! July 8, 2007

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Two more days and Gerardo and I will board the plane from Los Angeles for Taipei, then from Taipei to Saigon. We will be in Vietnam for more than three weeks and will go from Phu Quoc Island (the most meridional territory of Vietnam, where is made the best Nuoc Mam) to the Northern Moutains of Vietnam, near the borders with China. We will enjoy vietnamese food for 3 three weeks, there is more than a hundred plats on our list: pungent flavor of the Mekong Delta specialties, the diversity of Saigon’s Restaurants and street foods, the delicacy yet hot and spicy of the Center, and the simplicity and subtle flavors of the Northern Cuisine. We will work for a week with some marvelous Vietnamese Chefs and friends.
There is only one concern: that our stomach will not be big enough.

Agricola Vimex July 1, 2007

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If there wasn’t Agricola Vimex, there wouldn’t be Bai Sri.

Growing organically and exclusively more than 25 South East Asian crops for Bai Sri, Agricola Vimex and its sisters companies Agricola Sapa and Agricola Dalong also ship out weekly around 80 000 lbs of asian herbs and almost the same weight in tropical fruits to Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver…


Founded twelve years ago by my Uncle Chuyet and his friend Toai, two late fifties ingeneers victims of the economic downturn of the early 90’s. The path that took A. Vimex during the first seven years was very winding and almost lead them to bankruptcy. Then Toai, who was the Agronome Engineer, unfortunately passed over, Chuyet, alone, continued to loose money for two other years.



I came from France to Puerto Vallarta in 2002 to take over Agricola Vimex and I realized that the task which was awaiting for me will be a real challenge. There were none structures in the company, it is very hard to find workers (working on the fileds under the sun of Puerto Vallarta is a tough task, and most of the people here prefered to work in hotels and resorts, where the salary is very low but the tips promising), the ones we got..some of them don’t even speak spanish, and responsability and professionalism in this laborship level are a sort of terra incognita. My first priority was creating Departments, assigning task and responsabilities, structuring sales, getting new clients, and the most important: giving to my workers the sens of responsablity, to make them like their jobs, to make their jobs a good one and make sure that they don’t want to loose it (I will talk about what I have done about it later on in another post). We have had very hard times but we have done also very hard works and with my Uncle’s experience, we made it. Today, Agricola Vimex is a big family of 160 persons, with the same interests, the same goal and trust toward each other. Today, I know that they won’t let me down and I am sure that they have the same feeling.

Nufar Basil & Opal Basil