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“Food” is all around. August 25, 2007

Posted by adrien in Food facts.

“I feel it in my fingers

I feel it in my “mouth”…”

Well, in my Mom world, Love is all around, this song originally performed by the Troggs in the 60’s and made famous by Wet Wet Wet in the 90’s, would have sound like that; and probably would have been the soundtrack of ” Four entrees and a dessert”, also a my mom’s movie…

With my Mom, it is always about food. She can call very late at night (it happens often with the jetlag) or early in the morning, “have you eaten something yet?” is a sine qua non question. It is not a habit, it is not a tradition, it is my Mom’s way to tell me that she misses and loves me. Every time I visite her, there is always tons of food. No matters that we just finished lunch 10 minutes ago, she will come with another dessert, hors d’oeuvre or whatsoever and ask “do you want to taste that?”. And as a son, I will protest “Mom! We just finished the thousands plates you prepared for lunch barely 10 minutes ago”. She will smile at me and put the plate on the table and we both know that I will end up eating this plate in a short moment.

In Vietnam, food is available everywhere and at every hour of the day and night. And it is so light and healthy that you almost eat every 3 hours. Food is every where: food stalls on the sidewalks with clusters of tiny chairs and table; ambulant food vendors; neighbourhood restaurants which opened under french reign, prospered during the american war, shut down with the communist area, and now open again with the new market economy; food markets; fancy restaurants in old colonial houses; five star hotel’s restaurants… We were amazed how food venues are in every single street of Saigon, and most of them always packed, even at 11 pm. Most of people I know in Saigon eat at least twice a day outside.

When I was 5, I once get delivered in 5 mn a noodle soup at 1 am by the balcony of my room at the 3rd floor, without any phone call and in the absolute secret. My Mom probably will learn it reading this post, “too late Mom to blame me”. I will give you the secret. Night ambulant food vendors in Saigon go across a neighbourhood with one or two anouncers who preceed him, playing a rythm on a tiny bamboo bell. The rythm tells you what kind of food he sells. Just call him from your balcony and let him know you want one order, put the money in the basket, attach the basket with a rope and let it down. The anouncer will get back with the food, put it and the change inside the basket. Lift it up and enjoy!



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